The Flipside of studying Medicine


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The Flipside of studying Medicine

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80 in stock (Backorder available when Out of Stock, Please allow 1 – 2 weeks for delivery of this item)

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Medicine. The revered degree spoke of in hush tones leading up to Grade 11 and Grade 12 exams. Can I get in? How do I get in? And if I do get in, what then? These and countless more questions have plagued aspiring medical students for many years.

Medicine is a fantastic and unique field and the aim of this book is to empower you, dear reader, to take the first steps towards a life of healing. South Africa has only nine medical schools – not nearly enough to accommodate the prospective students behind the roughly 36,000 applications received annually

As a result,  has become a very, and perhaps even the most, competitive field of study in South Africa. Many misconceptions, myths and downright lies exist regarding medicine, specifically regarding the application process

We aim to provide you with objective information as to the application process of each of the universities, as well as the relative chances of being selected. We provide subjective information about certain current medical students’ experiences, as well as what to expect once you get selected. Simply put, we want to drag medicine out of the shadows, into which it has been cast by the (mostly) neurotic field of applicants and their parents, and into the light.

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